november 2022 horoscope & tarot predictions

november 2022 horoscope & tarot predictions

all signs for sun, moon, & rising
want to know what may be happening for you in the month of november? check out your monthly prediction below!
these are for entertainment purposes only! if you resonate with these, let me know on instagram @3000realm 

Aries ♈︎

This month will deal a lot with balancing out things - you could possibly be balancing out your schedule, your emotions, your mental health, outside situations, etc. Something (or multiple things) could be revealed to you this month. It’s important to remember that balance starts within yourself- you will find (or bring) clarity in situations where clarity may not be certain.


Something about logos, brands, symbols or insignias may be important this month - look out for signs on clothing. Someone may also try to bring balance to something about their sexuality and religious trauma.


Taurus ♉︎

November is the month for your happiness! You will be shining very brightly - if things have not been going well things will definitely pick back up in your favor this month. If you are in a rocky situation, friendship or relationship with someone, you may be reluctant to offer them your emotions, opting to focus on yourself instead. Focusing on yourself will allow you to reconnect with children, or with your child-like sense of wonder. Your best route this month is self care.


Not offering your emotions as easily will likely be the best road to your happiness or simply working on your self care.


Gemini ♊︎

You have yourself in a situation that is out of your control and that you also cannot walk away from. You are not experiencing forward movement in certain areas of your life because you need to learn that messy situations will not always play out so neatly in your favor. Let yourself calm down, rework things and rethink situations that may have felt stuck or out of your control. November is a month for reconsidering past choices to move forward.


Working with your hands will be important this month or maybe a situation that you feel out of your hands actually requires your labor to get it back on track.

Cancer ♋︎

The Tower RX, 8 of Swords RX

This month is about forcing yourself out of your head. You may be pushing deadlines to the last minute; if you are you may have in luck in avoiding consequences of procrastination. You will be able to avoid something you are dreading but it will be very hard to not think about it. Let yourself relax a bit.


If you are worried about securing housing, or keeping your housing you could manage to find a housing situation that works at the last minute. You will also be able to get through situations that feel stressful better than you may think you can.


Leo ♌︎

There may be a person or situation that feels out of your grasp and is very, very hard for you to let go of. (Person could be an Aquarius, Capricorn or someone who gets a lot of attention for what they do) You may have realized that things you thought were “perfect” about something or someone was actually a projection of your own desires. Everything that glitters is not gold.


If you are worried about not gaining followers or maintaining a platform on social media - you will. Every creator has ebbs and flows but the potential is still there. Don’t give up!

Virgo ♍︎

You will be looking very, very good in the month of November. You may find yourself attracting people - although ironically it may be exactly the opposite of the kind of people you want to attract. Putting positive energy into your appearance may help you process some negative feelings around your self esteem.


This month you need to dust off your impulse purchases and put them to use (especially if you feel depressed). Dressing yourself up will definitely bring a boost to your confidence.



Libra ♎︎

A relationship or situation involving a Gemini will likely come to an end. But this disconnect will awaken a new level of emotional stability and calm in your life. You should consider spending more time alone or focused on your own emotions rather than how your emotions operate in a connection.


You may have to disconnect from a person who is very connected to you but also who you may feel has multiple personalities or sides to themselves that you cannot keep up with. Your mental health will improve.


Scorpio ♏︎

Something will have a sudden burst of forward movement. Scorpio season will bring you good luck, especially when it comes to things that may have felt risky. You will not only be looking good, but something will definitely happen in your favor.


The hands of a clock, a clock itself or timing may be extremely important this month. You may find that every thing you may feel as though you are taking a “risk” on you’re actually going to make some pretty good gains.


Sagittarius ♐︎

Something will be revealed to you- particularly something around something you may have felt would lose stability or not continue to build in a stable way. Something that is revealed does have evidence of stability even if you feel uncertain. People and things reveal themselves to you at specific times for a reason and things this month will be revealed in karmic timing.


If you feel like your writing or schooling isn’t going anywhere something this month will prove to you that it is worth continuing. You may get an offer to write or publish something, or previous writing will be important this month.


Capricorn ♑︎

Capricorn - I’m talking to you right now. WHY ARE YOU NOT TAKING YOUR JOB OFFER OR BLESSINGS SERIOUSLY. You may be having issues with something (a job, a person, etc) who you may feel is cheating you or is filled with drama. Something has the potential to get there, but there are a lot of doubts of it transpiring. Set boundaries around yourself and your finances this month.


If you want progression in your job or career you need to continue to put effort towards advocating for yourself and keeping your eyes open for opportunities in the career field you want. Things will not just come towards you, especially if you want a position that pays more.

Aquarius ♒︎

If you sense some large change is about to happen - it is coming. Do not let your self doubts and negative self talk get the best of you. Changes are a good thing because they allow room for growth and expansion. You may need to feel the impact of these changes because you’ve allowed yourself to rest in your comfort zone for too long.


If you are feeling anxious this month and you don’t know why, it’s likely because of changes to your everyday routine that you are having difficulty processing. Your thoughts are likely much, much worse than the change itself.

Pisces ♓︎

There will be forward movement in the month of November. Things will be uncertain because you are going towards an unknown; some of you may end up being the first to do something (maybe the first to go to college in your family, the first person to buy a house, first person to monetize their youtube, etc). It’s hard being the first to do something but you also end up remembered as a revolutionary and a pioneer. If you’re looking for expansion this month it lies within a murky unknown.


Being yourself will get you the fastest movement in your career. If you have a special talent around art, performance, singing, dancing, acting etc you may find very fast expansion with your creative abilities. 

luv y'all xoxo

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