December 2022 Tarot Predictions

December 2022 Tarot Predictions

all signs for sun, moon, & rising
want to know what may be happening for you in the month of november? check out your monthly prediction below!
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Aries ♈︎

Something good happening in the month of December (or even beyond) is that you will be able to draw boundaries in one sided situations. The universe is showing you that you are worth more than the people you may have been previously involved with. You may be less charitable with your money, energy or time.

There may be an opportunity for a second chance with someone, but do not be pulled back into their one-sided ness. You also may get an unexpected apology that pulls at your heartstrings. Remember that we are moving into 2023. Don’t let one-sided people grab your attention again.

Taurus ♉︎

You may be finally able to rest and relax this month. You’re building a reality that works well for yourself and prioritizes your comfort. Rest will be very important in the month of December. I would encourage any Taurus to buy a new blanket, load up the bed with pillows and relax.

Any old issues may be put to rest, or it may be easier to rest on things you may have felt restless over in the past. You may be doing more to your bedroom to make it more comfortable.


Gemini ♊︎

If there is a person or situation (particularly someone you’ve known for a while) you’ve had to let go of you will get over it much faster than you may think. I think the universe is trying to show you that your worldview has changed from the past, and therefore some things from the past may not mesh with your life anymore. Don’t let yourself be a third wheel.

There may be a trip in your future that helps you get over something or someone from the past. You may meet someone who could be relevant in 2023 while traveling. If you’re looking to process your feelings you need to get out of the house more. A cancer placement could be relevant.

Cancer ♋︎

There is a massive energy blockage in your life right now. This blockage is meant to show you that something will no longer work the way you may be used to, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work at all. If you are dealing with a blockage please spend December slowly chipping away at it. 2023 is going to start you off with the fresh energy you need. You may also start to speak up about feeling unsatisfied in your relationships or that you feel your partner doesn’t compliment you enough.

2023 is going to be the year of you starting fresh, new, looking good and feeling good. To encourage this energy, let yourself start to feel good about the way you look. Embrace the changes! Let people compliment you.


Leo ♌︎

You’re going to be accomplishing things at a pace that moves slowly, but steadily. People around you may doubt your ability to make something work but it will work. If you are in a competition this month, practicing everyday will allow you to beat your competitors. Your previous investments (even ones you may have forgotten about) will start to flourish. Don’t listen to the doubters this month.

You may decide to block someone who randomly comes forward in the month of December (or beyond-energy is fluid). You may also have people who doubt your abilities who come forward only when they see you winning. The ball is in your court this month.

Virgo ♍︎

Your reading is similar to Cancer, there is something that is not progressing in your life right now. You have a massive blockage that is causing you an unhappy environment or taxing your emotions. You may realize that somewhere is not progressing you the way you want to be. Please don’t let this job or situation get you angry; this blockage is necessary for you to realize where you actually want to be in 2023.

If you have been waiting for a new start, you may be just manic enough to force that start to happen. If you miss someone, you may end up finding a way to reach out in a roundabout way (without telling them how you actually feel, of course). You also may suddenly switch jobs.



Libra ♎︎

December is the month of love for Libras. There is an important connection that is going to happen for you. This could involve a Gemini or someone with Gemini-like tendencies. You and this person will be much better balanced in the month of December and your values will come to align. Aligning with your partner will be crucial this month. You will be looking really good.


If you have been dealing with previous lies in a relationship you may be able to heal and process them. You also could end up finding another relationship/friendship where the person is honest. This change will be refreshing for you.


Scorpio ♏︎

There is a connection, partnership or friendship that will bring you massive amounts of happiness in December. December is a good month for finding a friend, reconnecting and also being more emotionally transparent. You may be sharing some happy moments with someone in December that helps melt your heart from past issues.

You may end up doing something with your hair or make some changes to your house. You may also start to invite more people over your house. The beginning of the month will be a good time for you.


Sagittarius ♐︎

There is something (a job, a relationship, a connection, etc) that is coming to an end. This ending is meant to show you that something needs to be re-vamped or modified – similar to some of the other sign readings. You will be able to get over this ending fast; if anything, this ending will demonstrate to you that something may not have worked because it needed more time, care and attention. If you give something some time, the result may surprise you. There is long term stability coming. You will have the choice on whether to pursue this stability or look elsewhere.

An earth sign, particularly a Taurus placement, could be relevant this month. This person could be closed off emotionally or hard to budge. You may also have to drop someone to make a situation with another person work.

Capricorn ♑︎

Money could be moving in slowly this month. This money or resources will keep you stable as long as you keep up the grind. If you are working towards something you may begin to feel unappreciated for all of your hard work, which could begin to affect you emotionally. You may be more interested in work in December than emotions. You also may find something that you actually stick with in the month of December; this could be a job, hobby, etc.


This month will be the battle of new vs. old. New ways of thinking or planning could be developed this month which may conflict with things that you are used to. Look at old things in a fresh, new way. You may also start to see what things can be fixed/repurposed rather than bought brand new.

Aquarius ♒︎

Someone may suddenly pop up and it could stress you out. You may feel as though this person has a strong personality and is unavoidable (could be in your household, could be at a holiday gathering, etc). A fire placement (particularly a Leo/Sagittarius) could be relevant in this situation. You may have fears that you have not accomplished something with someone or that there is still underlying tension in a household. This fear may be a sign something unsaid needs to just be addressed. December is your month to expose the elephant in the room.

There may be someone around you that doesn’t like you, or you may feel anxiety in that they don’t like you. Someone may be causing you so much stress that you may be forced to drop them or the situation to recover. Don’t let someone’s energy damper yours.


Pisces ♓︎

You are dealing with a situation you need to let go of. Communication may have been cut abruptly, or you may have never gotten the clarity in a situation. Something is failing to start because the basis is too childish. This month you will find that things you may really be invested in another person may not be nearly as invested. The best thing to do is work on moving on and finding abundance elsewhere. Something about this person, or situation may cause you to examine how you give love to people.

This month your cards are emphasizing that you may need to think about the past year and reflect on what situations you’ve been in. In order to have a better 2023, things that happened to you in 2022 need to be processed. You also may have an issue defining if you just like someone as a friend, genuinely have a crush on them or simply just need someone to distract you. 

luv y'all xoxo

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